Looking for Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Web Hosting Companies are out there ripping people off left and right so take a second to hear me out.

Most companies that are offering WordPress hosting for under $1 a month are operating an aggressive marketing campaign. They’re looking to cram as many customers as they can on a dedicated server with hopes of the revenue offsetting the hardware costs.

This is very profitable for the hosting company for awhile but eventually it creates a bottleneck. Therefore once your site begins to get more than 20 visitors a day, you’ll begin to notice a huge degrade in performance. Their supply simply can’t keep up with their demand.

We realize that many of our customers are startups with very limited funding. We’ve been there, many times.

Therefore, we built our web hosting platform in the Cloud. This allows us to offer Basic Cloud Hosting for WordPress for under $5 a month (not even $0.20/day).

This allows startups of all levels to get online and get stuff built. Once traffic starts to increase (along with revenue) our customers are able to “rescale” on the fly and add more resources at the push of the button.

If you are thinking of starting your own hosting insttead, here are Important Steps When Starting Your Own WordPress Hosting Company

In the next year it is estimated that 600 million websites are currently using WordPress to power their websites. Because of this, we’ve optimized our entire platform for the software. In return our customers enjoy a scalable, reliable, and secure network that they can grow on at their own pace.