Why WordPress is An Ideal Platform For Your Startups!!

So, why not consider WordPress – the one and only award winning Open Source Content Management System which is ruling the web today with a total 20% of world’s websites thriving successfully on its robust platform. Undeniably, the high end flexibility and the ease in the operability of WordPress has made it stand out from the crowd of various other Open Source frameworks that are populating the web cloud. With WordPress, it is possible to jumpstart your project with a little budget without compromising even a bit on the functionalities, aesthetics and most importantly, the usability. So, let’s gear up our tech minds with the latest features and functionalities of WordPress to get the most out of this renowned platform this fiscal year !!

Without any doubt, WordPress wears the crown of being the most popular CMS – in the huge kingdom of open source platforms. But for those who are still wondering the capabilities of this giant platform, I have compiled a list of some interesting statistics which will easily convince you to go with WordPress without any fear.

And in you are thinking of migrating your e-commerce website to wordpress, Why Not Use WordPress As An E-Commerce Platform

Check this out!

Of the Websites and Blogs of some of the world famous brands and Fortune 500 companies – Mozilla, Yahoo, CNN, Samsung, EBay, Flickr, Techcrunch , Quartz, Forbes, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Harvard Law School, Sony Music, Best Buy, The Wall Street Journal, Metro UK, Dallas Mavericks, Sweden’s Official Site and The New York Times, guess what? They are all running on WordPress.

WordPress stats shows, more than 600 million people view nearly 13.1 billion pages on WordPress every month and the terms related to WordPress are queried 30 lakh times per month on Google alone.

With its plethora of ecommerce plugin, You Can easily use WordPress for your webshop.

Easy to install, Quick to Build, Simple to Convert and Facile to customize

So, if you’re a novice entrepreneur who is eager to implement his start-up idea with a small capital, WordPress is a boon for you!! If you don’t believe me, let me explain how WordPress makes it possible!!

Designing & Development of a WordPress website is much quicker and affordable than any other CMS platform(Joomla, Drupal etc), dedicated frameworks or programming languages. The reason being, WordPress library is the world’s largest repository of both free & commercial themes and plugins which can be easily integrated into a website.

The best part about WordPress is its inherent flexibility that lets you customize each and everything the way you want and that too on your own. With WordPress, the Site management becomes much easier and quicker with the famous user-friendly editor: WYSIWYG(What you see is what you get) which is built-in into it. This editor has a drag and drop functionality to let you create new web pages, posts or articles easily and quickly just like you do with any other editor you’re familiar with.

Ready made modules and Super functional plug-ins at your fingertips

As far as WordPress themes are concerned, I would recommend you to go through one of my previous posts – Simple Web Design Tips You Should Keep In Mind For Your WordPress Website that talks about the hottest trends that are ruling the web right now along with the suggested best responsive themes that can give an aesthetically appealing brand new look to your web designs.

Build in SEO Capabilities to allow you to reach more people.

WordPress gives you the ability to create Permalinks –user friendly URLs that enhance your site’s visibility to a great extent. With permalink feature, you can control the type of URL’s or links and convert big meaningless names to meaningful ones that search engines can easily understand. For e.g usually when you create a webpage dynamically through frameworks, the URL that is created looks like – http://www. mywebsite.com/index.php?p=13. But with permalinks, they will be converted to meaningful URLs like http://www.mywebsite.com/my-rose-garden.php etc.

WordPress allows you to create tags and categories just like you create labels at the end of your article. This lets you use keyword phrases to describe your post better and faster. Plus, it will assist both search engines and web surfers in finding your site.

WordPress makes cross linking easier by allowing you to create inbound links efficiently. Hence it’s like another WordPress tool that facilitates search engine optimization.

And there are a ton of extensions and plugins out there and developers that contributes to WordPress community, making it biggest and largest developers community in the world.

Generally, if you don’t use WordPress, crawlers take at least 10-15 days time to index your new content when you make any changes on your website and thus it hurts your revenue generation goals. So, if you are looking for a built-in SEO solution with the CMS you wish to choose, you must go with WordPress!!

To date, WordPress is the only robust solution that offers you both the web development and blogging features. Plus, it also lets you integrate social media widgets in your posts and share everything via “Like”, “Share” and “Pin” buttons so that you can build a good repo with your target audience as well as existing customers.

Perfect for your Mobile Audience

Majority of the sites and blogs already have a mobile version that can run smoothly regardless of device and browser being used. And, WordPress again wins here with its Mobile specific themes and plugins that transform your existing site into a complete mobile site in a jiffy!! Some of the best themes, plugins and toolkits that are available for WordPress users include – WPTap, WPTouch, WordPress Mobile Pack, MobilePress etc.

Amazing Suport community that has been growing leaps and bounds.

With such a large number of fascinating features to its credit, it is certainly impossible to ignore the capabilities of WordPress and compromise the business goals by adopting any platform other than this. It is always wise to foresee the growth with a growing platform and envision a small enterprise reaching new heights of success.

If you are one who wants to develop wordpress on your own or know of someone who wants to be a WordPress developer. Check our my other post Skills One Should Possess To Land A High Paying WordPress Developers Job.

Oh, and did I mention that there are tons and tons of free themes as well as Premium themes to choose from. Here is a quick read on How to choose your wordpress theme.

WordPress 5.2.2 maintenance release is now available! This maintenance release fixes 13 bugs and adds a little bit of polish to the Site Health feature that made its debut in 5.2. What this means is that, your WordPress website will be better and healthier.

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