Why Discount Web Hosts Are Struggling To Keep Up

Cheap does not always mean BEST!

At hostbay.us, we not only keep the price low and affordable, but we make sure that you get the same services as far as server performance is concerned. We do not hide under ridiculous promises to convince you to sign up. Our call is to be able to deliver high performance wordpress web hosting to our clients without breaking their bank nor cutting back on high quality service!

We do not go after numbers, we go after long time partners! And this is where we believe discount web hosts are struggling to keep up.

Ever have a problem with one of the “big” discount web hosts failing to deliver their unlimited web space and bandwidth? After seeing many of the “big boys” fail to deliver quality web hosting, and I couldnt find one that delivers the performance I needed for my business, Hostbay.us was created.

For the “small business” owners that sold, everything looked really good. But what about the customers and the long term growth of the “big brands?”

Unfortunately whenever a big company comes in and attempts to “take over” an industry, it relies much on the fact that the other companies are going to continue growing. In the case of the large company takeover, it’s essential for the investors that pooled together their money, to see returns.

A lot of times the previous management that were “acquired” from the acquisition end up leaving and the companies lose the culture their success was founded on. This is when customer satisfaction starts to go down the tubes

Seasoned webmasters now realize the need for quality, reliable, high speed web hosting.  In today’s “social network” world, a link can go viral instantly and send a server into a fit unless measures are put into place to scale up immediately and grab extra resources.  That is why we came out with our Managed Servers.  Sure, they’re going to be more expensive than a couple bucks a month, but an hour of downtime can cost more than that, especially in terms of reputation.

New and emerging webmasters can find comfort in the fact that we still do offer discount web hosting, but within certain limits.  The local butcher down the street isn’t going to be getting 1,000 unique visitors anytime soon.  So they shouldn’t have to pay more than a couple of bucks a month to have a web presence.  The same goes for the startup that’s just developing their site.  They’re just looking for a quick solution to do their testing, but can find comfort knowing the transition to our Managed Servers is painless.

Recently, it was interesting watching one of the largest web hosts start offering “Optimized” WordPress hosting.  They had been known throughout the industry for their low prices and quality, but now they were admitting the need for a “better” quality product that costs more.

The same company also announced today that they were increasing their pricesa cross the board to keep up with the “changing industry.”

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