Simple Web Design Tips You Should Keep In Mind For Your WordPress Website

First off. I design my own website. I will not say I am the best designer in the world, becuase I am not. But the designs I made for my clients in the past 10 years has at the very least kept my clients satisfied and happy.

Web designing entails certain tricks and skills than some people often forget. There are fundamentals that are commonly overlooked, and it often lead to not-so-good experiences for users, which cause a considerable loss of website traffic.

There are many websites that botch up the web designs and beginners are lead astray when exposed to such unsuccessful web designs. Well, the web design mistakes are not only made by the beginners or amateurs. Sometimes big brands and professionals even end up committing such web design mistakes. Is your web design agency also a culprit of committing such blunders? Check out!

Here are simple tips to keep in mind when designing your WordPress website.

Take note of the business goals while you concentrate on composing the graphic elements of your website

The entire concept of web designing is to work around the goal. A website is designed to meet the business goals that include luring the maximum online traffic to the site and increasing the sales by providing the users with great user experience (UX). A web designer should focus on the business goals of improving the accessibility of the site rather than working on its beautification.

It’s like wearing your makeup and you have no where to go.

Approach the designing of the website with the business goals in mind. Decide on what the website owner aims to achieve through the site and then find out what is the most vital goal for the site. You can work further on what tools to avail for achieving the business goals and create the design based on those particular goals.

Keep Typography an essential when designing your client website.

It is high time you realize that this is a beginner web design mistake you should definitely avoid. The presentation of the content of your website is much more important than the design surrounding it. Users may not pay so much attention to the header, logo, etc. if the typography is not appealing enough. Even though it’s quite surprising, typography is one of the major tools of content presentation of your website and if the designers do not work on it, the website will soon start losing its online traffic.

Typography should be enhanced by the design whereas the website design should be customized to compliment the typography.

Do not even think of modals and popups. Place them at the last priority.

Another thing to keep in mind is that do not incorporate modals and pop-ups at frequent intervals and make sure the modals are definitely not the first thing that the users view while entering your website. It is pointless to redirect users to different blog posts and advertisements and interrupting their research. If any user is interested in any advertisement then they should be free to click on them at their disposal. It shouldn’t be imposed on them by such modal windows and pop-ups.

Go for legibility and readability

There has been many a time when beginners got so engrossed in designing the website that they almost forgot to keep a check on the readability and legibility of the site. Some websites look attractive but they repel users the very next moment due to the poor readability of the content displayed on the website.

Some designers lack the knowledge of which colors would complement and highlight what kind of font style and font color of the text. What font and style of text are highly noticeable and readable in what kind of background should be known by the web designers. If the users are not able to view or read or comprehend the text of the website, then the entire purpose of setting up the website goes in vain.

To improve the users’ reading experience you can study other major sites’ color schemes and patterns. You can also use Adobe Kuler to experiment with varied color schemes and improve the reading experience of your website. You can resort to Sans serif typeface which allows easy reading on the web, as well.

These simple tips are born from my years of designing experience. I have had a lot of misses and finally settled for these 4 every time I have the opportunity to design one.

Let me know what you think in the comment section. Cheers!!

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