Tips To Help You Choose The Best WordPress Theme

If first impression last long. A good theme of any website not only improves your confidence but also attracts good impression that lasts, and also helps in search engine optimization. With plethora of WordPress themes, choosing the right one for your business can be a pain sometimes.

Determine Your Website Reasons and Purpose

While thinking about your website purpose, you also need to be acquainted with whether you intend to monetize it, and if yes, what procedures you might use to do it. For instance, if you are planning to use Google Adsense in the future, make sure to choose a theme that provides enough space to insert the appropriate ads. Furthermore, it is also important to estimate how your site will grow. You should also find out answers of questions like “Will my theme give me enough space to develop the website, or do my current needs already max out its features? You should choose a theme that gives you the opportunity to expand on the functionality and size of your site in the future.

Determine Your Website Functionality

It will save you time and money from unwanted design customization after the installation of your theme. Customization of free themes can be more challenging, as they may not give you as many options of customization through the WordPress admin panel. Therefore, for the average WordPress users who have little knowledge about theme customization, I would suggest finding a theme which comprises all your desired features.

A good starting point is to note down the styles you prefer. Example features are below:

  • Price and certificate
  • Personalized design
  • Different colors available
  • Easily flexible headlines
  • Widget-ready areas
  • Customized website assistance
  • Video and picture helpful
  • Assistance for social networking incorporation

Determine Your Budget

Unless you opt for free themes. Which I will recommend doing at least at the beginning. Premium WordPress themes vary in costs. While some themes can be had at less than 20 bucks, others cost you hundreds of dollars. Further, not all themes can be bought completely, as some themes are only licensed for limited time period. While choosing a paid theme for your website, you should pay attention to whether this theme requires a one-time payment, or whether you will need to renew its license after fixed time period.

Determine the Theme Reputation

Always check the customer reviews and forums. It is quite important to look at the reviews of customers for that particular theme, especially if you plan to pay for it. A theme that doesn’t have customer reviews, does not necessarily mean it is a bad theme. But the idea is to look for guidance.Try searching “discussion of [insert theme name]” on Google. Many themes of WordPress come with support forums where you can easily discuss about the theme and associated issues related to it. You can read lots of information about a theme by looking through the threads left on these discussion boards.

Finally, Determine Its Terms and Condition of Use

There are thousands of free themes in the market and you can pick another one anytime. You should always follow the terms of use, as a gesture of appreciation for the work done by the designers and developers so that they can keep producing good themes for us.

Findind a good theme can be quite challenging at times. If you do not have plenty of time to spend on tweaking theme, a free theme is ideal as it is quick to set up. I am sure above mentioned tips will ease your task of finding suitable WordPress theme that can satisfy your website need.

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