How I Increased My Load Time By 100% For Free!

Load time is everything online.  That is we at Hostbay has done the best we could to provide a service geared toward speed and performance. Server performance is not everything though, your website also needs to be up to standard. That is why we love wordpress. WordPress is optimized for speed and load time. And […]

Hosting Multiple WordPress Websites

Hostbay.Us is known around the world as a leader in WordPress cloud web hosting. Given our experience using WordPress, we have perfected a reliable, secure, and scalable cloud that allows WordPress websites of all sizes have the availability that they need for their target audience. From small mom and pop websites to large 30,000 unique […]

Very Simple Way To Keep Your Website Safe & Secure

Want to know one of the easiest but most effective ways to keep your website safe and secure? Use strong administrative credentials! While it sounds like common sense, this is by far, the most common reason we see in our support desk why websites get compromised. I’m not just talking about your WordPress admin area […]

5 Steps To Build An Affiliate Marketing Tax Campaign That Converts

Believe it or not – it’s already tax season – and that gives Internet and Affiliate Marketers the opportunity to make a lot of money! If you haven’t already started building out a funnel, the time is now to jump on board and take advantage of this highly lucrative opportunity. Incase you’re new to the […]

WordPress Hosting 2018 Cheap and Best Hosting For Bloggers

Looking for Cheap WordPress Hosting? Web Hosting Companies are out there ripping people off left and right so take a second to hear me out. Most companies that are offering WordPress hosting for under $1 a month are operating an aggressive marketing campaign. They’re looking to cram as many customers as they can on a […]

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