5 Steps On How To Succeed As An Affiliate?

There are many ways to be successful as an affiliate, but this article lays out the process that I have found to be the most reliable and sustainable while still being very inexpensive. I am in no way earning 6 figure from affiliate, no far from it, but I am indeed satisfied with my earning […]

Amazing WordPress Cloud Hosting Deals As The Year Ends

You’ve had a tough year and it’s time to shift into a lighter gear as 2018 concludes. This Christmas, we’ve rigged up a deal that will cater to you in totality of hostbay plans and packages. This Christmas, we’re starting you off with a 1 year 25% off on all our managed cloud hosting plans. […]

Website Migration Free Service With Hostbay

Managed Hosting can have lots of different meanings, but here at Hostbay we want to take out all the “guesswork” so you can focus on what’s most important and that’s your website and business. Some of the most experienced webmasters make the mistake of going with a web host that offers little to no support […]

How I Make Money With AliExpress.com – Part 2

We’re back with Part 2 in our series of posts on How To Make Money With AliExpress.com! In part 1 we talked about how to do niche research to find a good domain, register it, and setup your WordPress site. We’re now ready to install and configure the Aliplugin that’s going to populate our website […]

How I Make Money With AliExpress.com – Part 1

I will not go into the detail of presenting aliExpress. I assume that you have heard of it or have known it. Anyway, their AliExpress.com affiliate program, is making people a KILLING (I don’t mean to hype it too much, but it’s doing really freaking well). Much like the Amazon or eBay affiliate programs when […]

Cheap And Easy Steps To Let People Know About Your New Online business

Ahh finally… Your new startup is live and you can smell the success. You feel victorious as your hard work as finally came to a head and your business is ready for your initial customers. But… Now what? Over my years of experience, the number one failure among Entrepreneurs is the in-ability to MARKET their […]

How To Start Business Online?

“I wanted to show my formula for creating a successful website. I have used this formula to create numerous properties, some that are still active and generating consistent revenue (my biggest earns approximately $232,000/year). For privacy purposes, I do not wish to disclose these domains but I have provided a screen shot of one the […]

How To Host Unlimited Domains The Right Way

Nothing fries my egg more than watching discount web hosts boast unlimited everything for a couple dollars a month.  They’re simply overcrowding servers at the expense of your business.  If you’re like me and make your living working online, can you really take that risk? First, you have limitations. There is limits on everything. Pull up the […]

How To Protect Your WordPress Website From Cyber Attack?

If you run an online business it’s likely you’ve been attacked once or twice. From a DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) to a mySQL injection, the longer your website has been online the greater of a chance it has at becoming a target to evildoers. This week one of my good online friends went under attack and […]

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