How To Start A WordPress Blog In 2019

I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade, howbeit there were 3 years in between that I stopped! But without a doubt it’s been my passion as I’ve been able to make a full time living from it since.

With the power of the Internet, and now mobile phones, audiences around the globe are able to read your content, comment, and ultimately you can make money from it.

10 years ago it was a bit challenging to start a website. You needed a couple hundred dollars, a lot of time, and understand at least the basics of coding and setting up web servers. Now, that’s a thing of the past.

WordPress has level the playing field for all blogging enthusiast.

Regardless of your experience working online, you can setup your own blog here on

I have posted a video of one of our mother company. Hostbay is a reseller of, and we are proud of this very strong company.

  1. Decide what you want your blog to be about
  2. Search for a .com, .net, or .org domain
  3. Add the domain to your shopping cart
  4. Add ID Protection
  5. Add Basic Web Hosting to your shopping cart
  6. Complete payment
  7. Login to cPanel from the Client Area
  8. Scroll down and click on WordPress towards the bottom of the page
  9. Click Install
  10. Fill out required fields and install the blog
  11. Access your WordPress admin area
  12. Start blogging!
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