How To Host Unlimited Domains The Right Way

Nothing fries my egg more than watching discount web hosts boast unlimited everything for a couple dollars a month.  They’re simply overcrowding servers at the expense of your business.  If you’re like me and make your living working online, can you really take that risk?

First, you have limitations. There is limits on everything. Pull up the discount host’s “fine print.” You’ll notice you’re agreeing to these limits – they’re just not placing them in their marketing. So at Hostbay we put these limits in big bold letters before you order. You know how much disk space and bandwidth you’re allocated.

Using our Managed Cloud, you no don’t have to worry about complicated dedicated server setups. Everything is configured for you and managed free of charge. You spend the time running and developing your business, we’ve got your infrastructure covered.

Our Managed Cloud is perfect for: High Traffic WordPress Sites, Affiliate Marketers Using Prosper 202, Revive Ad Server.

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