Ano ang Sagka Palawan

Sagka Palawan/Pilipinas = Samahang Gala Kalikasan ng Palawan/Pilipinas Meaning of SAGKA: skid; piece of wood, etc., on a wheel or cart   Sagka is for safer eco-tourism, mountainering and Forest Exploration. Ang pangunahing activity: advocate forest and natural resource conservation, environmental protection, appreciation of local eco-tourism ng palawan at ng buong bansa river trekking, organic […]

Data vs deforestation: A breakthrough in supply-chain transparency

Here is a very helpful content publish at oecd observer regarding the data versus deforestation. We are eating our way through tropical forests. Whether it’s a cappuccino for breakfast, a burger for lunch or a chocolate bar as an after-dinner treat, the things we consume in OECD countries are often linked to deforestation in the […]

Organic Tree Planting For the Environment

Planting a Tree Planting a tree is a lifelong investment. How well this investment grows depends on the type of tree selected and the planting location, the care provided during planting, and the follow-up care after planting. Getting your new tree off to a healthy start will help the tree mature to its full size […]

Organic Soil Produces Organic Food.

If you’re an organic gardener, you’re used to buying and using organic products for your garden. But what about the soil itself? What exactly is organic soil? Simply put, organic soil is derived from living matter — it’s naturally amended by the decomposition over time of plants and even animals. Material like mulch, dropped leaves, […]

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