Best 5 WordPress Analytics Plugin You Cant Do Without For Your Website

Analytics plugin are like a mirrors you look into to see how you might appear before people. Without it, you are like running a website without a clear knowledge if what you are doing is correct or where the direction you are going is the right one. You might eventually get to your destination, but […]

What Should Webmasters Know About Google Algo Changes to Stay Relevant!

One thing that a webmaster should know about Google algorithm changes is that, as a webmaster, blogger, or SEO guy, you have to know that Google usually releases one or more changes every day, these changes are designed to improve their search results. However, most of these changes are not noticeable to normal Google users. […]

5 Primary Elements You Should Have on Your WordPress Website Homepage

First impression always counts. In case of online businesses, it matters more than anything else, because there is an absence of face to face interaction. Hence the first impression in the form of a great website can go a long way in getting traction online and help engage with the targeted audience. Every time when […]

5 Steps On How To Succeed As An Affiliate?

There are many ways to be successful as an affiliate, but this article lays out the process that I have found to be the most reliable and sustainable while still being very inexpensive. I am in no way earning 6 figure from affiliate, no far from it, but I am indeed satisfied with my earning […]

Amazing WordPress Cloud Hosting Deals As The Year Ends

You’ve had a tough year and it’s time to shift into a lighter gear as 2018 concludes. This Christmas, we’ve rigged up a deal that will cater to you in totality of hostbay plans and packages. This Christmas, we’re starting you off with a 1 year 25% off on all our managed cloud hosting plans. […]

How I Make Money With – Part 2

We’re back with Part 2 in our series of posts on How To Make Money With! In part 1 we talked about how to do niche research to find a good domain, register it, and setup your WordPress site. We’re now ready to install and configure the Aliplugin that’s going to populate our website […]

How I Make Money With – Part 1

I will not go into the detail of presenting aliExpress. I assume that you have heard of it or have known it. Anyway, their affiliate program, is making people a KILLING (I don’t mean to hype it too much, but it’s doing really freaking well). Much like the Amazon or eBay affiliate programs when […]

Cheap And Easy Steps To Let People Know About Your New Online business

Ahh finally… Your new startup is live and you can smell the success. You feel victorious as your hard work as finally came to a head and your business is ready for your initial customers. But… Now what? Over my years of experience, the number one failure among Entrepreneurs is the in-ability to MARKET their […]

5 Steps To Build An Affiliate Marketing Tax Campaign That Converts

Believe it or not – it’s already tax season – and that gives Internet and Affiliate Marketers the opportunity to make a lot of money! If you haven’t already started building out a funnel, the time is now to jump on board and take advantage of this highly lucrative opportunity. Incase you’re new to the […]

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