What Should Webmasters Know About Google Algo Changes to Stay Relevant!

One thing that a webmaster should know about Google algorithm changes is that, as a webmaster, blogger, or SEO guy, you have to know that Google usually releases one or more changes every day, these changes are designed to improve their search results. However, most of these changes are not noticeable to normal Google users. […]

Skills One Should Possess To Land A High Paying WordPress Developers Job

This WordPress Developer job skills list includes the of most important WordPress Developer’s duties and responsibilities. Use this list of skills you should possess to land a job as a wordpress developer. It can save you time, attract hiring companies and choose the best employer to work for. In order to attract hiring agents and […]

Best WordPress Plugins Small Business Websites Must Have

I have been reading more and more comments over social media like Facebook pages about What WordPress plugins is best for this and that type of website. Today, I would like to talk just about that. But I will focus more on small business and personal websites out there. There may be millions of you […]

6 Things To Understand About The Purpose of Your WordPress Website

The homepage of the website is the front door to all the catchy details that build up the rest of your website. It becomes a blueprint for every successful business and converts visitors into customers. So don’t you think should it be as remarkable as possible? Today, let me share with you 6 things you […]

How To Land A WordPress Job

Employers increasingly consider “WordPress” its own skill set in today’s job market. It’s no longer enough to simply say “I know WordPress.” How do you prepare for WordPress-heavy job interviews? Learn some key bases to cover for the four main types of WordPress positions. There are countless reasons to learn WordPress, check out my previous […]

2 Important Steps When Starting Your Own WordPress Hosting Company

If you’re really serious about starting a web hosting company, then you need to make sure to take the legal steps necessary to protect your personal assets. When I started working online in early 2000s, the first thing I did, was have my lawyer form a corporation. Here in the United States as in other […]

10 Really Good Reasons Why Learning WordPress Is A Great Career Move

When I learned about how to create a web page in 2004, the web was a different world than it is today. There wasnt much systems and applications that are readily available. Youtube was non-existent then, and facebook was, well it was actually we had friendster. Back then, learning to create and design a website […]

Just Another How To Start A WordPress Blog In 2020

I’ve been blogging using wordpress blog for nearly a decade now, howbeit there were 3 years in between that I stopped! But without a doubt it’s been my passion as I’ve been able to make a full time living from it since.  Note: This is not a get rick quick article. I will just share […]

5 Steps On How To Succeed As An Affiliate?

There are many ways to be successful as an affiliate, but this article lays out the process that I have found to be the most reliable and sustainable while still being very inexpensive. I am in no way earning 6 figure from affiliate, no far from it, but I am indeed satisfied with my earning […]

Amazing WordPress Cloud Hosting Deals As The Year Ends

You’ve had a tough year and it’s time to shift into a lighter gear as 2018 concludes. This Christmas, we’ve rigged up a deal that will cater to you in totality of hostbay plans and packages. This Christmas, we’re starting you off with a 1 year 25% off on all our managed cloud hosting plans. […]

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