5 Steps To Build An Affiliate Marketing Tax Campaign That Converts

Believe it or not – it’s already tax season – and that gives Internet and Affiliate Marketers the opportunity to make a lot of money!

If you haven’t already started building out a funnel, the time is now to jump on board and take advantage of this highly lucrative opportunity.

Incase you’re new to the industry, it’s important to realize how you can make money promoting these programs. Large companies such as Turbo Tax and H&R Block pay individuals and businesses a commission for sending customers to their services.

Currently both companies are paying upwards of $10 for a completed “lead” – meaning that all a user has to do is submit their basic information and you get paid. Pretty simple right?

A lot of affiliates are going to be jumping on the tax bandwagon so if you’re looking for the most ROI (return on investment) I would highly suggest taking time to build out your own website.

Using WordPress, you can have your website online in as little as a day, and will then be able to promote it using various media channels such as pay per click, social media, and media buys.

Step 1: Plan On Your Angle

Developing a successful angle (or hook) is all effective affiliate marketing is. Since the majority of affiliates are going to simply direct link out to the cost per lead (CPL) offer, you can quickly gain the competitive advantage by having a creative angle.

The main reason people in the United States want to complete their taxes early on is to get their tax refund deposited into their bank account as quickly as possible. Therefore that is a great angle to leverage your campaign.

You should develop your website where you can “teach” or “show” people the quickest way to get their refund. Simple Google “how to get a tax refund” and you’ll get several good examples of how you should go about building your website.

Step 2: Register Your Domain

Once you have an idea about your angle you need to register a domain for your website. I would spend some time on this so you can build your site out and use it for many years to come. Avoid using the year in the name and use something that appeals to the masses. For example, you wouldn’t want to include a city or state in the domain since they would limit your audience. Instead go for general words like “quick, refund, fast, etc.”

Off the top of my head – a good name that is still available is myfastrefund.net. Perhaps you can register that one!

Step 3: Setup Your Web Hosting

Even if you already have web hosting, I would recommend setting up another account just for this website. With affiliate marketing you want to keep your landing pages hidden from your competitors, so why not just signup for another package to keep things private? Our Basic Stater will give you all you need and will only cost you $3.49/mo.

We offer one-click WordPress installation along with Cloudflare and Railgun. Therefore you can keep your site loading extremely fast all while utilizing their reverse proxy. It won’t take you any longer than five minutes to have a fresh copy of WordPress installed and ready to begin developing.

Step 4: Build Out Your Website

You don’t have to be a tax professional to build out a highly informative website about how to get a quick tax refund. As I said above, you can use Google to start getting ideas how other companies are already doing this. Make your website easy to use / navigate and have plenty of information about how to obtain a quick refund.

One way I would highly suggest would be to insert a survey on your website. It should look something like this:

Get Your Tax Refund Quick – Take Our Brief Survey

Question 1: Do you currently have all your employer W2s and/or 1099 MISC forms?

Question 2: Do you currently have all your previous year bank statements?

Question 3: Are you over the age of 18?

Question 4: Are you a legal US resident?

Question 5: Do you have your bank account information ready where you want your refund deposited?

You can add more or less questions depending on your setup. You may even want to split test different ones to see which questions get the highest response rate.

At the end of the survey you should have an opt-in form that allows you to collect the visitor’s name and email address. This is where you can follow up with them and provide them with the lead generation offer where you’re going to make money.

I would personally send the user a “congratulations” email letting them know that they are in-fact ready to get their return very quickly. Give them a link to the H&R Block or Turbo Tax form so they can begin their service.

The larger email list you build, the more people you’re going to have “ready” to market to next year. Don’t be scammy/spammy though. Make sure to add value to your visitors the entire time. Don’t try and cut corners or save time – this is a lucrative niche that is never going away. Take your time to build it out right.

Step 5: Send Traffic To Your Website

There is tons of different ways to get traffic to your website. If you are on a tight marketing budget, consider setting up social network accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN. Everyone in the United States has to do their taxes, so you already know the niche is going to work. Start with your family/friends and start branching outward.

If you have a larger budget consider buying traffic from Google Adwords or Facebook. Both companies have many different ad units that will work well for this, you want to focus on your cost per acquisition of email addresses. For example, you should set a goal for every $2 you spend in advertising you get at least one subscribed email address.

In conclusion, this is just one simple example of how to get started making money this tax season. The more experience you gain in this niche, the more money you are likely to make. Remember, this website can be used for years to come, so make it good!

Also, it’s very important that you do your research on the affiliate network / company you decide to work with. Make sure you follow all their guidelines and are compliant with the way you are sending traffic. Affiliate Masters is one of the best out there. And they are registered with ClickBank.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. If not, enjoy the extra $$$ this tax season!

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